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Body Jet Lipo: What You Need to Know

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Body-jet liposuction is a less invasive procedure to remove excess fats in certain body parts. Some surgeons will use this process with laser liposuction. Some clients call this Aqua lipo when the procedure gets combined with laser lipo. Others refer to this method as a type of WAL or water-assisted lipo.

What is Body-Jet Liposuction?

Here are bits and pieces of facts surrounding the body jet lipo procedure:


  • The first water-assisted lipo device was manufactured in Germany.
  • Human Med pioneered the water-assisted jet machine in 2008
  • Body-jet lipo came to the US as early 2009 to 2011.
  • There were only five known American surgeons who were licensed to perform body -jet before 2011.
  • Body jets are less invasive, like laser lipo.
  • Only qualified patients may undergo this procedure (find out if you are, as you read)

How Does It Work?

Most lipo procedures will use some technology to melt the fats away. Body-jet uses pressurized water. The water comes out as a fine stream of liquid from a cannula or tube. 


Picture the old laser procedure. The thin stream of water instead is the one that burns the fats and not laser light.


So how does the water melt the fats? How is it even possible? And if water is the main fat burner, will it be effective enough? 


Here are the main procedures involved in the entire surgery, from pre-surgery preparations to post-surgery and recovery.

  • Identifying surgery areas
  • Photographing of lipo parts
  • Marking with circles the areas for lipo
  • Placement of monitoring devices
up close water ripples

Body-Jet Device Set-up

To have a better view and understand the procedure, here is a preview of the surgical procedure’s set-up.

  1. WAL Solutions
    • Starts with intravenous placements set-up. This will include cardiac monitoring devices, EKG, and pulse monitoring devices.
    • WAL Anesthetic solutions
    • TS solutions

2. Patient Draping

3. Device Assembly

    • AquaLipo or Aqua shape lipo collector – polymer collection containers, filters, and silicon hose
    • Single-use tube device – used for suction and collecting liquid
    • Body-jet machine


The collection container will be attached to the single-use tube that finally connects to the body jet machine.

List Of Benefits Of Body-Jet Water Liposuction

  • It uses local anesthesia, which means it has a low risk
  • Melts fats which mean it does not need to use force to suction the fats out
  • Use less infiltration, so recovery is faster, which also means fewer wounds inflicted on the body parts
  • Less swelling. Patients experience a more manageable postoperative recovery period
  • Surgeons or doctors can have more time to sculpt the body carefully
  • Body-jet allows for more time to melt the fats 
  • The procedure is generally less invasive than conventional lipo
  • It does not use potentially risky infrared light as compared to laser lipo

Is Body-Jet Liposuction As Effective As Traditional Liposuction?

Now that you have this basic knowledge of body-jet lipo, it is also crucial that you weigh its effectiveness. To do so, you must first find out if you are a good candidate for the body-jet lipo. Most patients experience failure in their surgeries, only finding out that they are not good candidates.

Better to contact a professional and licensed surgeon to perform the procedure. Any body-contouring process requires every patient to work closely with their doctors. 

Some patients would not pass health standards to go under the pins and needles. So, it is highly advised to set an appointment with the experts as you decide on having a new, improved body!

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