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St. Louis Breast Augmentation w/ Fat Transfer – Safe and Natural

Here at New Improved Body, our board-certified surgeon Dr. Roque Ramos is among the best in Minnesota. He specializes in cosmetic procedures done to augment the breasts into your desired shape and size. All without compromising its natural look and feel. If you’re worried about breasts that are uneven, sagging or lacking in size, you are among hundreds of women that have come to Dr. Ramos’ aid.

A Brief Overview of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct superficial breast issues. Increase a cup size or restore your bust to its original size and shape after a mastectomy, pregnancy, weight loss, or due to aging.

A surgical plan is designed to address client needs. The procedure will then take place at the scheduled date and takes about two to three hours. General anesthesia is administered. There are some cases, though, when local anesthesia is used to numb only the area being treated. A surgical team performs the surgical plan initially agreed upon. Once done, the patient is brought to the recovery room and monitored.

Are you a qualified candidate for the procedure?

Just like most cosmetic surgeries, it is important for a patient to be in a good state of health. Any medical condition, especially a heart, lung, or neurological disorder, are grounds for disqualification. Qualified candidates should:

  • Have a weight close to the ideal, with a BMI of 30 or less
  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before the scheduled surgery and another six weeks after that

Learn About Your Breast Enhancement Options

Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer – Designed for women who prefer natural results compared to the traditional boob job with implants. It essentially uses liposuction to take excess fat from other parts of the body and inject it to the breasts. This is done to even out, enlarge and shape up the breasts for a perkier chest area.

Breast Reconstruction with Fat Transfer – An option for those who lost the natural shape and size of their breasts to childbirth, mastectomies, heavy weight-loss and aging. Breast reconstruction brings back the volume and plumpness of a woman’s bosom. This option uses the fat grafting method.

Why Choose Fat Transfer Over Breast Implants?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at New Improved Body, we want you to have the option to prioritize your safety and health along with aesthetics. Because of this, we offer natural cosmetic procedures that look as natural as can be. Here are the reasons why you should choose fat transfer breast enhancement or reconstruction over synthetic breast implants:

Looks and feels natural. Breast implants do not adjust to your body’s natural weight gain and loss. Fat transfer ensures that your breasts are proportionate to your body as it goes through natural weight changes. Implants also do not have the soft feel of natural breasts that aren’t compromised with fat transfer.

Eliminates the risks of synthetic implants. Synthetic implants are associated with failures such as malposition, rupture, and capsular contracture. Because your own fat is grafted and used for the augmentation procedure, you need not to worry about any of these.

Reshapes and improves the contours of the entire body. Fat transfer augmentation of the breasts requires liposuction to harvest fat cells. This hits two birds in one stone as you are able to excess fat while enhancing your chest area.

Q. Does insurance cover a breast augmentation?

A. Because this is more an elective than a medically necessary treatment, it is not usually covered by most insurance companies.

Q. Is any cup size possible?

A. This depends on the current shape, size, and state of the breasts. It is highly recommended to consult with a doctor to help decide what is appropriate.

Q. How long will it last?

A. Breast augmentation produces results that last a long time. This, however, is possible with regular monitoring, especially with implants. The FDA recommends that patients with silicone implants should have an MRI three years after the surgery and in every two years after that. This is to ensure that the implant does not deflate and leak. With a fat transfer, there is a possibility that volume may be reduced over the years.

Q. Are there side effects involved?

A. If properly done by an experienced plastic surgeon, the success rate is high. But just like any surgery, there are risks and possible side effects, such as bleeding, infections, hematoma, scarring, implant rupture, capsular contracture, and the like.

Q. Can implants cause cancer?

A. There has been a rumor that breast implants can cause a rare form of lymphoma. This is more common with textured implants than the smoothly surfaced type. The FDA recommends that interested patients discuss options with a licensed doctor and for those with implants to follow doctor instructions strictly and to have regular checkups, mammography screening, and MRIs.

Q. What should I expect during recovery?

A. After the procedure, the chest area is swollen, tight, and a bit painful. There will be significant settling over the next two months and by three months, most of the swelling would have subsided. The breasts look more natural and feel softer to the touch.

Cost of Boob Job in St. Louis

The range of cost for a breast augmentation procedure in St. Louis is between $5,300 to $8,500. However, the actual cost may vary based on several factors, such as the experience of the surgeon you choose, where you have the procedure, and what type of method is used.

Interested in breast augmentation but not sure which one is right for you? Call us at New Improved Body. We’ll schedule a free consultation where we could discuss the options that would benefit you the most. (636) 489-0769