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Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

Natural Breast enhancement with fat transfer is a chest enhancement procedure that involves taking fat cells from a donor area and transferring it to the breasts. It is generally painless because of the combined effect of local anesthesia and intramuscular narcotics that numb the area where the procedure will be done.

How does fat transfer differ from breast implants?

Breast implants are silicon shells filled with either saline solution or silicon gel and its szie, from the moment it was embedded onto the breast up until old age, will not change with time. It will stay the same for as long as the silicon shell holding the gel is in good condition. Therefore, if the patients lose or gain weight, the breast size will not change nor adapt to body changes, creating unnatural-looking breasts. Meanwhile, fat transfer breast enhancement adapt to the changes in body weight, maintaining proportionately sized boobs depending on the body weight of the patient. As the patient gain more weight, the breasts acquire more fat cells—in addition to what was surgically added—creating a much bigger chest area. On the contrary, if the patient loses weight at a certain period of time, the breasts will change in size too, which crates a balance between the body figure and chest size.

With fat transfer, the cosmetic surgeon sources fat from another area of the body and replaces it into the breasts in a multi-layer fashion to create natural-looking breasts. Moreover, the fat cells that were transferred to the breasts reattach themselves to the new area through the fat cells’ development of blood vessels . The key in successfully doing so is to remove fat cells carefully to make sure that they are in good condition. This entails using sophisticated liposuction machines that will ensure removal of fat cells without damaging it.

Recovery Period

A patient undergoing this procedure will normally experience slight discomfort for 24 to 36 hours after undergoing the fat transfer process. This discomfort goes away after 1 to 2 days, depending on how fast the patient’s body heals.

For 9 years and counting, breast enhancement with fat transfer has been successfully used to create bigger breasts for women all over the St. Louis, MO area. If you want to have large breasts that do not interfere with mammogram screening, then fat transfer breast enhancement is the best procedure for you to undergo. Contact New Improved Body today for a free consultation with our cosmetic surgeon.