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CoolBreeze Laser Skin Treatment

Enhances Collagen Production That Reduces Signs Of Aging

laser skin treatment

CoolBreeze micro laser skin treatment is a minimally invasive, skin resurfacing procedure that enhances the appearance of skin by decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What this procedure does is to deliver pulses of cryogen and laser energy on particular areas of the body where collagen production is intended to be rejuvenated. It works best for people who are showing signs of aging such as less skin elasticity.

What is collagen and how important is it in managing aging signs?

Collagen as a naturally occurring protein found in the connective tissues of vertebrates. This component enables muscles and tissues to be stretched up to a certain extent. What happens when people age is that the body produces less collagen. This causes early signs of aging among people who do not have enough collagen in their bodies. What happens to people who do nto have sufficient collagen levels: they drop this course.