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Do’s and Dont’s After Botox Procedure: What Experts Say

Botox has been around for ages. Medical experts would echo the safe use of Botox for treating flaws in the human body. Both men and women undergo this treatment, usually for minimizing wrinkles and facial lines. Experts would advise always to consult health professionals and Botox St. Louis experts near you.

The therapeutic purpose of Botox is mostly a safe procedure, not requiring surgery. It is usually done to enhance beauty. However, in recent years present studies would now show that botox is used as a therapeutic procedure for other common ailments. That is why many patients now undergo botox treatment.

What also matters aside for having the desired result is avoiding unwanted outcomes, not because of side effects, which rarely happens, but due to not being careful with yourself after having the procedure. Here are 5 do’s and 8 don’ts after Botox treatment.


  • Moving facial muscles, frown, and eyebrow lift – Following the treatment, for the first one hour, do repetitions of frowning. This helps make the treatment more effective. Injecting the solution in your facial muscles will make use of the time to let it set and crawl into the areas of the muscles that received treatment.
  • Rest your facial muscles – THEN, after the first hour of lifting your facial muscles, AT THE NEXT 12 HOUR, you must keep your face free form further facial expressions. Especially if this will remarkably require you to use facial muscles too much
  • Keep an upright posture for a day – During the first four hours after the treatment, you must keep your body posture upright. This requires discipline. Be wary for moments if you will slump or need to bend to get something. Remain in straight standing and sitting position. At least bear this process for at least one hour to achieve the best results.
  • Drink plenty of water – Critical care after your botox procedure is to drink lots of amount of water. Do this for at least within the next 24 hours. This is a must. One of the side-effects that patients commonly complain about is a severe headache, which some rely on drinking alcohol to ease the paralyzing effect of the procedure. That is why, instead of drinking alcohol, drink water. Drinking wine to celebrate is a big no, no after Botox procedure, which we will find out more why, below.
  • Apply only small make -up – It is better not to exert too much pressure on the facial area, especially on the areas where Botox was injected. So, if you need to use makeup for unavoidable circumstances, only use small application of makeup. Please do not overdo it. What is important is that you keep from touching the treated ares of the face too much.


1- Avoid rubbing or massaging the area where the treatment was injected, here as a precaution to the do’s above. It is highly advisable to avoid makeup entirely.

2- During the first night, make sure you will not sleep on face down. This is to prevent putting hard force on your facial muscles. These are why some ugly effects of the post-Botox procedure, the face looks eerie pronounced or inflamed. You don’t want that.
As a doctor says, when undergoing Botox, what you want to keep is your facial outline appears softer.

3- In the next 12 hours, avoid strenuous exercises and any activities that would require you too much effort.

4- Avoid exposure to strong sunlight and hot temperatures.

5- Also, do not expose to freezing temperatures.

6- Concerning don’ts number 4, another that you have to avoid is going to the sauna, exposed to steam, hot enclosed areas. This should require to prevent these things for the next 2 weeks.

7- Do not have any massage on your face. Avoid going or scheduling for massages. Your facial area should remain unaffected in the next 2 weeks.

8- Abstain from alcohol. Avoid drinking any alcoholic substance after Botox. Also, do not take a pain killer to ease the headache brought by the treatment. Why? Alcohol and painkillers thin the blood. This will cause bruising and worsening it.

With these do's and don'ts, taking the advice of expert and skin therapist, Ingrid Seaburn, as patients, you should always be aware of the risks. It is essential to follow safety procedures. Only rely on experienced Botox specialist who has been handling and conducting the procedure for years, successfully.
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