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4 Facts & the Science Behind Laser Hair Removal

The itchy growth of body hair in our arms, legs, and along the privies often leads to discomfort. Just when you think that shaving off excessive body hair could bring you relief and a fresher feeling, some of the processes you must go through can cause intense discomfort. It can also be harmful on an extreme note.

Wishing that you have not used that razor? You are not alone in wishing that because many grooming routines can be real work for many, for both men and women. Hair removal, when done with the best laser, can be your ultimate option.

Before you go deep and go bare down there, here are five facts to help you learn more about the procedure and make the best decision!

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Facts you Need to Know Before Having St Louis Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in St. Louis is among many body enhancements you can include in your grooming routine. Imagine no hair growing! No more going back and forth to your beauty clinic to get waxed and shaved!

Many come to the conclusion that there must be a way, a device or product, that can bring out a smoother feel after enduring an hour of plucking armpit hairs with tweezers. Then, you’ll be feeling irritable again once you start to feel tiny hairs growing again! That is when hair removal comes to the rescue.

In the long run, this process will save you from spending too much on your beauty products and regimens. The first thing you need to know about laser hair removal is a process scientifically known as Photothermolysis.

Fact #1: The Science Behind "Photothermolysis"

This non-invasive laser treatment, as already given, is done by using a light source to target tissues in the body. In this procedure, laser light is utilized to trigger the tissue on the skin that signals hair growth.

Laser light helps the skin cells regulate or stop hair growth and permanently smooth the skin. The light source targets a compound found in the skin called melanin.

With St Louis Laser Hair Removal treatment, the melanin production is shut down, thus leading to zero hair growth. There are other reasons why laser is used to treat skin and hair growth. That is next on this list.

Fact #2: Selective Light Treatment Not Only For Hair Removal

The selective process of blocking hair growth is what photothermolysis is popularly known for. The fact is it’s also used for other skin-health-related issues, like tattoo removal.

Yes, that is true! If you plan to go for an appointment with Laser Hair Removal St Louis Mo. Once you’re there, you might also want to ask the experts what to do when you have an unwanted tattoo. The procedure is used to treat other conditions like healing the scars or lightening up birthmarks.

Fact #3: Laser Hair Removal Works Best with Dark-Pigmented Hairs

This is not to sound racist or to stereotype the colors of hair. However, the science behind light source laser treatments is that they are more effective in targeting the skin regions that contain melanin.

It is because, scientifically, melanin is also the compound in the skin that has something to do with the skin and hair color.

So that is also why some patients may not be suitable to undergo this procedure. But hey, you have the experts here at St Louis Cosmetic Surgeons on whom you can rely. Ask for medical advice and what to do if you find yourself in this limited condition. Or, since you have the experts, they can advise you to have the procedure with care and be guided by their sound prescriptions.

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Fact #4: It Can All Come Back To You

Despite having smooth results, the treatment cannot guarantee to be hair-free forever. But that would depend. So read here carefully. Other individuals would have more follicles or hormones that produce hairs. Therefore, in some cases, hairs may regrow.

Thus, it reveals to you another underlying fact behind this science. The laser hair removal procedure has to be done not just once, not just twice, but at least more than five sessions. A typical duration for this is up to six to eight sessions. This is because experts would not make the patients undergo too much exposure to laser because too much of its light is already dangerous.

Have patience and commit to your doctor or surgeon. Be sure that you complete a series of steps or treatments because you have to gradually remove the hair so that it does not come back. Only once you complete the cycles of laser treatments can you see and experience free-breathing, hairless skin.

Key Takeaway

To fully take out all your hair and enjoy flawless, smooth skin, it is important to note that laser removal, supervised by professionals like Dr. Roque Ramos, must be done under strict medical supervision. Only consult with licensed surgeons and go with them for the procedures.

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