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The Latest Laser Lipo Trends to Watch Out For

Liposuction has become the go-to method for many people in recent years during and after the pandemic to achieve their ideal body composition.

Through different liposuction methods, people can lose weight in stubborn spots like the thighs, tummy, arms, and breasts. Because of the demand for a quick makeover, body sculpting techniques have changed and improved in many ways.

This blog talks about 2023’s standards and trends for lipo. If you want to get laser lipo St. Louis, where the best lipo is, keep reading!

Laser Lipo Current Methods And Technologies

There are different methods that people can undergo with lipo, and here are five of them.

Laser-assisted Liposuction

Laser liposuction or laser lipolysis is minimally invasive. It is also tagged as “lunchtime lipo” since it takes 30 minutes to one hour. It employs laser technology to break up fat cells beneath the skin.

The laser not only helps get rid of extra fat, but it also helps tighten the skin. Laser lipo is becoming more popular because it has what most patient wants.

Cool Sculpting Liposuction

CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a non-invasive and efficient freezing of fat cells for fat reduction. Your doctor will put a CoolSculpting applicator on the area you want to change.

The surgeon will numb the area before treatment to make it less painful, but you might feel cold and pulled or sucked on during the first few minutes. A few weeks or months after the procedure, the body metabolizes the frozen fat cells, killing them.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is like most lipo treatments. The surgeon injects a sterile solution containing salt water, lidocaine to relieve pain, and epinephrine to narrow blood vessels into the treatment area. It makes the body swell and gets stiff.

The doctor will then make minor cuts in your skin and put a cannula under it. Fat and fluids are pulled out of the cannula by a vacuum.

Lines of female body for liposuction around the waist

Power-assisted Liposuction

In this type of liposuction, the surgeon moves the cannula back and forth. A surgeon can use this vibration to quickly and easily eliminate stubborn fat. 

The patient might feel less pain and swelling after PAL, and the surgeon might be able to remove fat more precisely.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

The surgeon uses this method with other methods of liposuction.

A surgeon puts a metal rod that sends ultrasonic waves under your skin as part of UAL. So, fat cells break apart, and fat gets into the blood. In a new type of UAL called VASER-assisted liposuction, a device is used to improve the shape of the skin and reduce skin injuries.

Which Lipo Trend Is Best?

Compared to traditional lipo, tumescent liposuction is safer and has a quicker recovery time.
But only 8–10% of the skin gets tighter with tumescent and traditional liposuction, unlike St Louis laser lipo, which has 15%.

Cool sculpting is for people who want no incision to lose weight, but it’s not a good choice for people who are overweight. It can only help people who are healthy but have some stubborn fat. But unlike fast laser lipo in St Louis, cool sculpting results take longer.

If you need to eliminate more fat or you’ve already had liposuction, your doctor might choose power-assisted liposuction. In contrast, ultrasound is the least popular because it’s expensive, takes a long time, and has a high risk of complications.

The Lipo For You
Overall, your laser lipo surgeon will determine the best way to proceed based on your desired results, the body part being treated, and the number of times you’ve had liposuction.

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