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Laser Lipo VS Cool Lipo: The Differences

There are never a few people who want to lose fat. Everybody, men and women, seek a solution to cut away excess fat.


Of course, the desperate ones go beyond natural weight loss and would undergo safer routes as St Louis cool lipo. You now have newer cosmetic surgery with non-invasive methods of taking out fats and convenient options. Here are your two popular non-invasive lipo alternatives for the painful suctioning of fats.

  • Laser lipo
  • Cool sculpting lipo

Let’s get to know about these two. This article gives you a comparison of laser lipo.

liposuction for abdomen

What is Non-invasive Liposuction?

Traditional lipo is a procedure where specialized devices use tubes and pressure that sips out cellulite from the body. The common body parts where excess fats are taken out are the buttocks, thighs, arms, and tummy.

Non-invasive methods cut out the painful steps by inserting tubes into the skin and body parts.

Laser lipo St. Louis and cool lipo are non-invasive surgeries. One uses laser light that melts fats—the other works by freezing the fat cells, a newer version of nonsurgical lipo.
To understand cool lipo better, it is best to differentiate it from laser lipo.

Laser Fat Reduction vs. CoolSculpting's Freezing Method

Sounds interesting, right. Let’sLet’s further dissect the difference between the two according to:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Cost
  3. Recovery
  4. Side Effects
  5. Alternatives

Procedures of Cool Lipo vs. Laser

The Steps:

The cool sculpting would not perform and cut out skin. No incisions are needed.


The first step is to put an applicator over the body area where the fat will be removed. That applicator would help freeze the fat. The process targets the subcutaneous fast found beneath the skin.


Those fats are “killed” by the cool sculpting device. That skin-deep fat cells would soon die and would become energy released by the person by sweat or in the form of body waste.


The frozen fat would be removed in 30-60 minutes by excreting them from the body, and the entire process would last up to 3 hours.


More people would be familiar with laser lipo. And the process would be self-explanatory. Laser light activates the fat until it melts under laser frequency.
The difference now is that the fats should be wrecked with the tubes that would suck out the melted fats. Thus the process requires an incision.
However, the process is less painful since the fats are now smoother and more accessible to suction.

abdomen with orange


Now you are familiar with the procedure. You will be aware that the process aims at a specific type of fat. And only qualified patients need to undergo this. Hence, it is not prescribed to everyone.

A professional and licensed lipo surgeon would tell you and advise you if the cool lipo is suitable and effective for you.

Laser lipo would, however, be the top option for those who want to experience faster results. Laser lipo helps remove the excess cellulitis faster and more effectively. Compared to cool sculpting, which takes months before you see the results.


The cool sculpting procedure would amount to $2,000 to $4,000. You have to consider the area’s size to determine its actual price.
Laser lipo, on the other hand, would cost around $2,000 to $5,000, slightly different from cool lipo.

Recovery and Side Effects

In terms of recovery, cool sculpting would be more effortless since there were no wounds inflicted on the body.
The recovery period you need to take under laser lipo would be for healing the wounds that can take at least three weeks to recover fully.


The critical point to ponder is always to consult a local licensed surgeon. One method may be more friendly to you but will not be suitable. Ask and consult your doctors before going under anybody’s sculpting procedures.


If you want to learn more about another alternative with cool and laser lip, check out other blogs and stay tuned for more.

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