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St Louis Lip Enhancement

The lips are a very useful and important part of the human articulatory system. But putting this aside, the lips are actually one of the most unique and aesthetic parts of the body. This is especially true among women who spend much money beautifying this part of the body. It makes perfect sense to put lipsticks and glosses on this lovely part of the face as it accentuates the natural beauty of female lips.

However, as time goes by, people’s lips also experience sagging and develop lines, becoming wrinkled and even have the tendency to be flattened.  As these are also composed of fat cells, weight loss and aging has a significant effect on how plump lips would be at a certain age and circumstance. And there are also those who are born without the natural plumpness that many girls have. In these cases, lip augmentation in St. Louis is already needed in order to make the lips appear fuller.

Lip Enhancement Injections

Lip injections in St. Louis, enhanced with hyaluronic acid, are the fastest, safest, and most effective way to shape and add fullness to the lips. With the addition of dermal fillers St. such as Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm, flat and dull lips can have more life and more interesting features that previously had. The cupid’s bow is actually one of the determining factors of whether lips are full and plump. The more pronounced the cupid’s bow is, the better the chances of lips being noticed for their plumpness. With simple, painless injections, a patient may have an instantly plumper lip right after the operation. There is no need for fancy lip surgery that will cost more than what these injectable fillers can give. With modern St Louis lip enhancement procedures, all that needs to be done is to go the the doctor’s clinic. This is an outpatient procedure and there is no need for special equipment or sterile working area to provide this service.

Who are the best candidates for this procedure?

Enhancing your lip is ideal for people who have inherently small, flat lips. Congenital traits such as this one may only be remedied through cosmetic surgery. Through injectable lip fillers St. Louis, patients with small lips can have fuller lips in less than an hour. But the more important consideration with regard to St Louis lip enhancement St Louis is the mobility, suppleness, and animation of the lips after the procedure. Certain artificial enhancement procedures, especially those targeting the appearance of the mouth, tend to restrict the natural movement of the lips after the operation. However, with the expert lip surgery performed by the skilled team at New Improved Body’s St. Louis, MO office, patients can confidently expect to have lips that not only look fuller but also feel remarkably natural. With New Improved Body’s St. Louis, MO  lip surgery, patients will have lips that look fuller and feel natural.

For fuller lips that looks natural and feels natural, rely on the leading cosmetic surgery clinic in St. Louis—New Improved Body. Its modern cosmetic procedures are the most effective and the most affordable in the industry, making sure that each surgical procedure matches the needs of the client. All procedures are done by licensed health care and cosmetic enhancement specialists who have dedicated their lives researching about the latest innovations in plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement. New Improved Body St. Louis stays on top of the industry all the time as it upholds industry standards and professionalism. Consultation lines are available for those seeking expert advice and personalized treatment option. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience the exceptional care provided by our office.

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The average price for a set of lip injection is $500, and prices can range up to $2,000.

Lip injections can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the region you live in and which doctor is doing them. The average price of lip injection procedures ranges from about 600 dollars for one syringe up to 2 grand if two are needed at once.

You can expect them to be anywhere from $500-$1000.

Lip injections are around $400-$1000, depending on where you get them from. Filler is usually only good for about 6 months to a year before they need another treatment.

Fillers are usually priced per syringe and people need 1-2 syringes. It usually costs about $500 to $2,000.

The average cost from $400 to $2,000.

It usually lasts from six to three years. This is still dependent on how much the patient got, their metabolism, the desired pulpiness, and the product used.

New Improved Body
Dr. Roque Ramos

New Improved Body is the premiere cosmetic surgery clinic in St. Louis. Headed by its medical director, Dr. Roque Ramos, this cosmetic enhancement center has been operating for years. Dr. Ramos is a licensed physician who received his board certification in year 1998. From this point onwards, Dr. Ramos specialized in cosmetic surgery, pioneering the use of modern cosmetic procedures in his area. This made new services such as the Body-Jet Water Liposuction and CoolBreeze Skin Laser Treatment available in his locality.

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