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Tips TO DO Before and After of Laser Lipo

Melting fats away helps many to relieve various health complications. Liposuction has an enduring prominence to weight loss patients despite its harmful effects. One safe alternative is a St Louis laser lipo that reels away from the traditional, painful tubes.

What is it, and how do patients face this process? It is essential that you know what to do before and after.

Quick Fact: What is Laser Lipo

It is a non-invasive liposuction procedure that shrinks fats from the thighs, abs, arms, and neck. It does not use the incision of tubes. It also deters the suction procedure where the pipes go in and out the target body part.

Usually, conventional liposuction damages the layers of skin due to the suctioning. That is why non-invasive lipo procedures are developed. Sometimes people call this iLipo.

The procedure is done using devices that emit a low frequency of laser light. The device is pressed down to the body part. The laser emission smooths the cellulite. It makes it safer and faster to flush fats out.

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What to do before?

  • There are essential preparations you need to take before laser lipo. Prepping yourself before cosmetic surgery will help increase the success of the procedure.


  • Before the procedure, fats stored can make one area looks very heavy. If they are in your arms, the skin may also look tight and bulging.


  • During the procedure, the patient lies down as the devices are attached to the body parts. It is best to get yourself ready for long hours in the hospital bed.


  • Be prepared mentally too. Laser light may scare you, but having to control your panic will help you manage it.


  • Then lastly, do your research. The only way for you to understand laser lipo is if you checked references. Ask the doctor what happens and how it is done.

What to do after?

Let’s get straight to business. The only way to make the procedure successful is to keep a healthy, well-balanced diet. You have to admit if you had a previous unhealthy diet, then you must change it.


After shrinking the fatty layers, you might also find sagging skin. Exercise to tone it will help. You can also seek a doctor’s approval if you want to rid of the loose skin.

Follow these tips to help you recover and adapt after the lipo procedure.

1- Avoid Exposing to the Sun for A While

After the lipo procedure, it is advised not to get under the sun. The affected skin had been in contact with laser lights, so exposing them to the sun rays may cause sunburn.

The warm beams can loosen the skin further. The surgeon will give you safety precautions to follow and medication to help you avoid the sun’s damage. You can also put on sunscreen for the next following weeks for protection.

2- No to Smoking

Avoid smoking for the next two to three weeks after the procedure. Smoking causes a change of oxygen in the body that supports the healing of the affected area.

It is also important to note that if you have a smoking habit, it is best advised not to proceed with lipo.

3- Eat Healthy Foods

Eating vitamin-rich foods increase your chances of fast recovery. It will help tones the body part gain strength. This is not recommended for you for a specific duration. Actually, this should be done for a lifetime.

Eat your veggies. Mostly, eat protein-rich and high fiber veggies. Gaining natural health and boosting your body’s resistance will reduce the harmful effect of laser on the body.

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