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Everything You Need To Know About A Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover St Louis Mo is an enhancement procedure involving various processes. This includes liposuction, breast augmentation or breast lift (depending on what suits you), tummy tuck, perineum rejuvenation, and botox.

As the term implies, this set of procedures helps moms get their youthful appearance back. As the name suggests, moms are the most suitable clients for this. So now, you could be questioning if this procedure only fits the mothers out there.

Let us take a closer examination of the steps involves int is body contouring method. Here is everything you need to know about a mommy makeover. Are you qualified for this?

The Goal: Goodbye Mummy Tummy

Becoming a mom is one of the women’s most life-changing events. She transforms in and out. Aside from bearing a new role as a mom, she discovers a change in her physical appearances too. These changes combined altogether can bring positive and negative impacts. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons defined Mommy Makeover as a way to help a woman achieve her body shape back after she had given birth. A woman can gain her confidence back if she can lose the post-pregnancy marks.

Post-pregnancy can make a woman feel less attractive. Stretchmarks, physical stress, or even facial breakouts can be added pressure to her. A mummy tummy can also be difficult to restore to its most natural shape after pregnancy. She seeks for a makeover—a complete one.


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Common Procedures

Tummy Tuck 

Taking the mummy tummy away after childbirth can takes months. Sometimes it can be achieved with an extreme workout. But for moms whose time is of the essence, balancing life is tedious. Making time for her to look at her best is limited. 

Most mothers like to undergo tummy tuck at least to help her lose some weight in her midsection. But experts observed that flattening the belly is not enough. Newest moms had also been seeking to lose other flaws. So they provide d the complete mommy makeover, tummy tuck plus more.


Mommies who need liposuction after childbirth is common. Aside from taking excess skin, some fats can also delay body rejuvenation. Tummy tuck mostly involves cutting loose skin away. Liposuction sucks excess fats out of the body.

Fat can increase during pregnancy, especially for moms who need to take in a lot of food while rearing. This is normal since the mom feeds herself and then the baby in the tummy at the same time.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift

Breast lift or mastopexy is done by removing excess skin. Or, it is tightening the skin around the breast, especially for women who breastfeed. This is different from a breast implant,

Meanwhile, a breast implant is done through a fat transfer. This procedure is known as mammoplasty. This is specific for increasing the size of the boobs. The purpose is for restoring the breast’s rounder or fuller volume.

Perineum Rejuvenation

Perineoplasty is the restoration of the area where the urogenital triangle or the pelvic pyramid. This is also most commonly called vaginal rejuvenation. The perennial area of a woman receives the most stress during childbirth. 


Botox treatment can restore the youthful glow and appearance of the skin. This procedure is only suitable after breastfeeding. Lines and wrinkles significantly can develop due to many stress while rearing a child. 

With this procedure, a mommy makeover is best after months of taking care of the newborn. 



There is no need to hassle and get back in shape immediatly. You can go for a more natural balanced diet and exercise. After you have recovered and prepared for a set of procedures, you can undergo the full process.

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