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Tummy Tuck: Facts Before The Procedure

Different reasons exist why guys and gals go through cosmetic surgeries. To enhance the body and facial contour is just one. Another and more important reason is improving one’s self-confidence. Today, one of the popular enhancements is the tummy tuck St Louis surgeons specialize in. The most common reason that experts hear from their clients is that they want to achieve a perfect body core. 

woman with flat belly

Tummy Tuck: Unraveled

First, get a basic understanding of what this surgery is about. A healthy and sassy abdominal area is vital for being fit for any work. Having a firm core helps you move lightly, and doing hardcore activities will be a breath of fresh air. So, people who want to achieve a flat belly go for tummy tuck right away. 

This procedure cuts the fats and skin around the stomach area to make it look tighter, slimmer. 

The tummy tuck is also a common surgery for women after giving birth. Just like other cosmetic surgeries, it comes at a cost in terms of both finances and recovery time. 

Just like other cosmetic surgeries, it requires time to recover from it. After going under knives and needles, rest will ensure effective results. So, after surgery, don’t just jump into action right away. 

Take time to let the new contour and newly carved flesh set and adapt to its new form. Let the wounds heal. Also, take care of yourself as you welcome a new you!

Listed below are essential recovery tips for embracing your fitter, tighter tummy.

1. Set Enough Time to Avoid Doing Regular Activities

The time needed for recovery will vary from one patient to another. Different people have different degrees and needs when healing from pains and wounds. For tips to consider, here are some factors you need to know:

  • The type of tummy tuck. Is it a mini or extended tummy tuck?
  • Your age. As you mature, you need more time to rest.
  • Your overall health condition. Pay attention to emotional health too. Physical changes need a commitment from you.

2. Rest And Get Enough Sleep

When you have already set yourself to spend recovery time, take this opportunity to rest at home. Get enough sleep. Sleep is beneficial for allowing the body to adapt slowly and carefully to its new form.


Sleep also allows you to recuperate from the impact of surgery. The cosmetic surgeon might put you to sleep during the procedure so as not to feel the pain. You will take a painkiller to numb and not feel any sting of the knives onto your skin. But, as the day goes by, you will, hundred percent, feel the pain, little by little.

woman relaxing on a sofa

Bearing surgery wounds hurt as they heal. Getting enough sleep helps you deal with the physical pain as days after surgery go by.

3. Be Kind to Yourself, Adopt Specific Steps Towards Recovery

Our next tip will show you different stages to carefully take as you rest and heal. Take note of the following:

  • Carefully plan and ask your surgeon when to resume regular activity.
  • Adopt a routine cleaning the wounds. Clean and replace bandages. Slowly reduce them as healing continues.
  • Know from your doctor when is the right time to resume taking a bath.
  • Get medications for swelling, apply topical cream to dry incision scars, and then pst-recovery meds.
clean bandage

4. Be Aware of Things to Avoid

These are essential tips. Avoiding certain activities is necessary. You don’t want your stitches and wounds to open up and cause more damage to your physical appearance and overall health as they heal. So, not to delay warnings, let’s jump right away on things for you to avoid while you recover from surgery.

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. At least resist taking alcoholic drinks for a month. 
  • Avoid working out and exercise. Ask your surgeon how long to stray from strenuous activities.


close up of a flat belly

It is thrilling to see that you finally get the body shape you worked for after bearing the pain and braving pins and needles. This is only possible if you work with licensed and experienced surgeons. What is most satisfying is a renewed outlook, gaining self-confidence, and regard for who you are. Most importantly, you know that removing excess fats and unwanted weight makes you more agile and active. Feeling fit and light, renewed and reactivated!

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