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Cool Lipo

cool liposuction

Cool Lipo is a revolutionary procedure offered by CoolTouch Inc., a leader and innovator in the medical and aesthetics technology industry. This cosmetic operation, also called laser-assisted lipolysis, uses wave length technology to break down and liquefy fat cells for faster and easier removal. In addition to that, CoolLipo’s laser system contracts collagen in the skin which aids in making the skin look firm and tightened even after the removal of fat cells. What sets CoolLipo apart from its predecessor, SmartLipo, is that the wavelength utilized by this newer procedure does not cause skin pigmentation. Patients who used the older technology noticed changes in the skin color and observed increased pigmentation a few weeks after the procedure was done.

The Benefits of Undergoing CoolLipo Procedure

The procedure is minimally invasive. Because the fat cells are first broken down into smaller particles and are consequently liquefied, there is no need to use powerful suction machines (typically high-powered vacuum) to suck out the fat cells lying underneath the patient’s skin. This results to fewer traumas to the surrounding tissues, thus faster recovery for the patient.
CoolLipo may be used using local anesthesia. This is great news for patients who are taking certain medication, are regularly smoking/drinking, or have kidney, heart, and lung problems since these are the people who are unfit to be put under general anesthesia.

Being minimally invasive, the procedure may already be done in the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic. Post-operation bruises may appear but it usually lasts for a shorter period of time compared to traditional liposuction bruises.

The Cost of CoolLipo

Like other cosmetic procedure, the cost of laser-assisted lipolysis will not go below $1000. This is for the surgery alone and does not include any prescribed medications and topical ointments that must be used after the procedure is done.

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